About the Project

The Partnership for School Innovation is designed to support schools in developing and pursuing their vision and turning it into reality. The three-prong approach to success is designed to 1) advance vision, 2) build capacity and 3) demonstrate results.

This work begins as schools advance their vision by constructing and/or reviewing school vision statement and providing schools with a tool to measure their current level of proficiency along the Dimensions of a 21st Century school.  After reviewing vision and assessed level of proficiency instructional leadership specialists support schools in developing an “Innovation Roadmap” (21st century action plan) to create a pathway for progress along the continuum.  Schools have opportunities to learn from others by attending leadership forums, workshops, and the Building Learning Community Conference.

The Innovation Roadmap serves as the tool to support schools in building capacity as it defines the path schools can take to become a 21st century school.  The roadmap outlines for schools how to prepare teachers to implement instructional innovations effectively and how to equip educators to assume a leadership role in the development and delivery of 21st century instruction.

Schools will be able to demonstrate their results through an “Innovation Celebration” (Learning Walk) where each school will have an opportunity to showcase promising practices and share them with members within the school community, outside the school community, and with other schools. 

Designed to help schools develop the skills, processes and infrastructure needed to succeed in the digital age, this program is part of the New York State Title IID program and is being implemented by The New York City Department of Education’s Manhattan Office of Educational Technology.

Teaching Matters, Lead Partner

The Partnership for School Innovation program provides school teams the opportunity to visit model schools, interact with other school innovators, and take advantage of our expertise in instructional and technology planning.

For the last 15 years, Teaching Matters has been working to create learning environments where the use of technology makes learning more effective, efficient and engaging.  Ever mindful that technology is not the focus of what is going on in classrooms, just the tool; Teaching Matters constantly works on updating and customizing its materials to respond to particular needs. To date, Teaching Matters has provided professional development to teachers and principals from from half of New York’s 1,500 public schools.